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If you are looking for the best restaurants in Zaporozhye, you cannot miss the "Rzhevsky Project". Restaurant Rzhevsky project is a mixture of styles, history with all its luxury and fusion with all the gastronomic trends! This five-star restaurant where you can have a great time with your friends and the whole family.

If you are a vivid person and looking for something unusual and worthy - "Rzhevsky Project" is created for you! It is impossible to single out any particular aspects in our restaurant, each sphere complements the overall concept and atmosphere. E Every day we have a host and DJ in our company, regularly we conduct themed show-programs.

You can smoke a quality hookah for every taste in «Rzhevsky Project». Each detail is significant: your calmness, your inner spirit, your leisureliness.

And for those who like to entertain their guests, we have a karaoke room with its own atmosphere, equipped with the latest technology. Excellent acoustics will allow you to enjoy the sound of your voice!

You can enjoy fine cuisine, relax from everyday life and brightly celebrate any calendar and family holiday in our restaurant. Celebrate the birthday at the restaurant "Rzhevsky project" and get:

- -25% discount on the whole menu

-Present-surprise from Rzhevsky

-Personal congratulation from the most stylish host of Zaporozhye

-Great memories and unforgettable emotions

-The discount is valid on the day of the holiday and within a week after it!

"Rzhevsky Project" is waiting for you from 18:00! We have manners, but no mannerism! An important part of our atmosphere is a professional, friendly staff, which  meets every guestwith love!

Nobody leaves us unhappy!

We are waiting for you!


Our restaurant is divided into three, absolutely different in the atmosphere of the hall: The refectory hall, the Legendary Hall, the Imperial Lodge. Each is distinguished by its interior and atmosphere. You can choose a place based on your preference: Refectory and Imperial Lodge have an overview of the scene. As for the hall Legendary - it is a quieter, secluded place that is suitable for pleasant communication.


Here you can taste the best dishes from European and Japanese cuisine from the chef Taras Pan! We use only the best products in order to your health be alright.

A simple delicious cuisine and real masterpieces from the chef - all this you can get by visiting Rzhevsky! We have special offers for our guests at any time!


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